Bespoke Writing Services

What we offer:

Biographies, family histories and business profiles, professionally written to your specifications:

  • A comprehensive personal biography of your life and times
  • Written pieces for special occasions or events; e.g. a personal or life profile of a parent/grandparent for a significant birthday
  • Documentary style short stories on individuals, families and business events
  • Family histories relating to individuals or groups within a family or community
  • Fully researched books on your family, community or business

Publishing services:

We provide all written documents in Word and PDF formats. Binding and final presentation to agreed specifications.

We also offer file preparation to traditional book printer specifications and print on demand standard. With this service, you can have your biography, family, community or business history presented as a professionally produced book.

How much does it cost? 

Each story is different, but we will provide you with a full quotation for the level of service that you require, based on the research information that you provide. For documents delivered in Word/PDF formats, the following are indicative costs only:

A short story/history of 3000 words: €750.

A story/history of 10,000 words: €1500.

A short humorous essay of 750 words: €360.

A novella sized book of 20,000 words: €2500.

Other format books on request.

Word counts are approximate and depend on the information that you provide. Ownership and copyright transfer to you on full payment.

Full book publishing services, to include professional formatting and cover design, are additional costs. We can give you a quotation for a professionally produced book if required.