Uneasy Quest Paperback

Ireland, 1169: a foreign army has landed in County Wexford. Invited by Diarmaid MacMurrough, King of Leinster, Strongbow’s Norman invasion of Ireland has begun…Huw Ashe, a young Welsh archer, and his Norman father have joined the invading forces to escape a death sentence in Wales. Becoming a ruthless warrior, Huw forges alliances with the powerful warring factions of Munster and makes new and dangerous enemies. With Bridín O’Brien, an Irish noblewoman, he finds a love that bridges class and language barriers and endures separation, conflict and hardship. As Huw and his family become the targets of a vicious revenge quest, he and Bridín must strive to find a safe haven from threats old and new, as war and upheaval take hold in Ireland and Huw risks losing everything.